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Cilium Cheat Sheet – Master the Cilium CLI to manage and configure your Kubernetes Network

Dean Lewis
Dean Lewis
Published: Updated: Cilium
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Simplifying the Cilium CLI – Introducing the latest cheat sheet from Isovalent

Getting to grips with any new technology can always be daunting. New concepts, new tooling, new commands. We’ve all been there!

Whilst we think the Cilium CLI provides the best experience for installing, configuring, and managing the networking stack for your Kubernetes platform, the CLI’s comprehensive coverage of commands is vast.

Therefore, in addition to our efforts to simplify Kubernetes Networking with our free eBook, we are also releasing the Cilium Cheat Sheet, which follows the positive feedback we received from our previously released Hubble CLI Cheat Sheet.

Now, with these three learning materials, you will be armed with the knowledge to start mastering Kubernetes Networking and operating Cilium and Hubble in your platform.

Click on the image or button below to open up the full PDF file to save locally to your machine, no sign up required!

Cilium Cheat Sheet Extract

Watch the Cilium CLI Walkthrough Videos

Below, we have recorded three videos showing the power of the Cilium CLI and the Cilium Agent CLI for monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting your Kubernetes networking platform.

  • Tips and tricks when using the Cilium CLI to install Cilium into your Kubernetes platform
  • Monitor, Manage and Troubleshoot Cilium right from your desk with the Cilium CLI
  • Advanced Troubleshooting for Kubernetes networking with the Cilium Agent CLI (cilium-dbg), this video focuses on IPSec Encryption as the use-case

Where can I learn more?

To learn all about Cilium, Hubble, and Tetragon and their features in both OSS and Enterprise editions, head over to the Isovalent Labs. The deep-dive labs offer Credly backed badges for completion, and the learning paths are the best place to start for those of you looking for a more curated learning experience.

If you are new to Cilium and Kubernetes networking, I personally recommend starting with a discovery lab. These labs are designed to be completed in 15 minutes and drop you into a working Kubernetes platform environment, ready to consume the various features from Cilium and Tetragon based on job responsibilities.

For those of you who are more comfortable with Kubernetes Networking and Cilium, I recommend the more advanced labs to get started;

Dean Lewis
AuthorDean LewisSenior Technical Marketing Engineer


Cilium Hubble Cheatsheet – Kubernetes Network Observability in a Nutshell

Getting started with Cilium Hubble, the observability tooling, is now easier with our Cheat Sheet and CLI walkthrough video.

Cilium Hubble Cheatsheet – Kubernetes Network Observability in a Nutshell
Dean Lewis

Cilium Hubble CLI Walkthrough

[16:00] In this video we give you a deep dive of using the Cilium Hubble CLI, looking at how to filter and view specific flows of data, as well as exporting and importing your chosen workload flows between systems.

Cilium Hubble CLI Walkthrough
Dean Lewis

Tutorial: Tips and Tricks to install Cilium

Ever wonder how to install a specific version of Cilium? Or whether to use Helm or the cilium-cli? Let's look at the many ways to install Cilium.

Tutorial: Tips and Tricks to install Cilium
Nico Vibert

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