Discovery: SecOps Engineer

In this short hands-on discovery lab designed for SecOps Engineers, you will learn, in 15 minutes, several Cilium and Tetragon security features, including:

  • Network Observability
  • Network Policies
  • Transparent Encryption
  • Mutual Authentication
  • Runtime Security Visibility and Enforcement with Tetragon

and more!

VersionOpen Source

Main steps in the lab

01🔭 Network Observabilty

Observe Network Flows with Cilium and Hubble

02🛡️ Network Policies

View Network Policies verdicts in Hubble

03🔏 Network Encryption and Mutual Authentication

Discover about WireGuard and Mutual Authentication with Cilium

04 💻 Runtime Security

Explore Runtime Forensics after a Security Incident using Tetragon