Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium: Connectivity Visibility with Hubble

This lab provides an introduction to Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium capabilities related to connectivity observability.

This track primarily focuses on Hubble Flow events that provide label-aware, DNS-aware, and API-aware visibility for network connectivity within a Kubernetes environment using Hubble CLI, Hubble UI and Hubble Timescape, which provides historical data for troubleshooting.

VersionOpen Source

Main steps in the lab

01🔎 Observing Network Flows using Hubble UI

Let's have a look at our deployed demo application in Hubble!

02💬 Kubernetes Identity-aware Network Logs

Let's visualize Network logs

03🧩 Enabling DNS and HTTP visibility

Show me the DNS names! Show me the HTTP flow details!

04⌛ Using Hubble Timescape to view historical data

Let's look back in time!