eBPF-based networking, security, and observability

Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium enables cloud native networking, security, and observability.


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Isovalent is now part of Cisco

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Learning eBPF

“Learning eBPF O'Reilly book” by Liz Rice

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  • aws
  • datadog
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  • alibaba
  • capitalone
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Award-Winning Innovation

Isovalent celebrates top honors for groundbreaking achievements in cloud-native solutions. Recognized for excellence in networking and security innovation, our commitment to pushing boundaries shines through.

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Your Cloud Native Journey, with Isovalent

The New Standard for Secure connectivity, Observability, Cluster Mesh, and Service Mesh for your Enterprise Networking:  Powered by eBPF and led by Isovalent


Your First Cloud Native App

Your Journey Into Cloud Native Architectures With Kubernetes Begins

In this stage, every deployment makes you focus on  pod & service connectivity and cluster management. With first-class expertise in kubernetes networking, Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium is designed to support you with troubleshooting, operations, and cluster hardening. Your goals in this stage:

  • Basic Pod / Service Connectivity
  • Cluster Hardening
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Security, Compliance, and Forensics

Make Security Decisions Based On Data

Secure connectivity for those difficult trade-offs between optimizing for a truly cloud-native platform and achieving traditional enterprise goals like security & compliance.

  • Zero Trust Network Segmentation
  • SIEM Integration (Forensics & compliance)
  • Transparent Encryption
  • Historical Data Analytics Platform (Timescape)
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Multi-Cloud & Connecting Non-Kubernetes Workloads

Consistent Networking Across Clouds

Chosen as the default CNI for Top 3 clouds (AWS, GCP, Microsoft). Cilium helps you from scaling Kubernetes clusters across multi-cloud & Hybrid clouds, and enables linking them with the legacy environments for business critical apps.

  • Connectivity To Legacy Infra (Load Balancing, BGP, Static Egress Gateway)
  • Multi-Cluster connectivity
  • Multi & Hybrid cloud
  • Application Monitoring (SLAs, Golden Signals)
  • L7 Observability / Protocol transparency
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Enterprise Grade Microservices Platform

Simplifying The Most Complex Setups

A NEW LAYER for the most complex Enterprise setups designed for high scale & churn, advanced networking, security & visibility - all with Enterprise grade proactive solutions assist.

  • Service Mesh (Without Sidecars)
  • GitOps CI/CD Policy Guardrails
  • Advanced Security (Runtime Protection)
  • Bandwidth & Latency Optimization
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