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The future of networking is open source

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Cilium is eBPF-powered networking, observability, and security for a cloud native world.


eBPF enables safe, efficient extensibility for Linux kernel networking, security, and tracing.

We contribute


Kubernetes is the de facto standard for running cloud native apps. Cilium integrates via the Container Network Interface (CNI).


Envoy is a proxy with rich support for L7-protocols like HTTP. Cilium accelerates Envoy for efficient API-layer processing.

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Cilium Enterprise

Hardened & supported distribution of Cilium plus advanced observability and security workflows

Secure & Scalable Connectivity

  • Zero-Trust Network Policy
  • High-Performance Load Balancing
  • Multi-Cluster Connectivity
  • Transparent Encryption
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Security Compliance & Forensics

  • Identity-Aware Event SIEM Export
  • Network Flow Visibility
  • Workload Runtime Visibility
  • Compliance Monitoring
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Application Team Troubleshooting
& Policy Workflows

  • Multi-tenant Connectivity Data + Metrics
  • Historical Data Views + Analytics
  • Simplified Network Policy Creation
  • Automated Network Policy Approvals
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