Isovalent at KubeCon Europe 2022

Kubecon Valencia

New O'Reilly Reports on eBPF!

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What is eBPF?

You will learn about the ability to dynamically change the behavior of the kernel can be tremendously useful.

Liz RiceLiz Rice
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Security Observability with eBPF

Report discusses how eBPF provides historical and current metrics to help track improvements and degradations over time.

Natália Réka IvánkóNatália Réka Ivánkó
Jed SalazarJed Salazar
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Isovalent and Cilium talks during KubeCon

  • The future of eBPF in Cloud Native

    Thomas Graf, Isovalent
    Watch Video
  • IKEA Private Cloud, eBPF Based Networking, Load Balancing, and Observability with Cilium

    Karsten Nielsen, IKEA IT AB
    Watch Video
  • Leveraging Cilium and SRv6 for Telco Networking

    Daniel Bernier, Bell Canada
    Watch Video
  • Transparent Live Migration of Services Between Kubernetes Cluster

    Adam Janikowski & Jörg Schad, ArangoDB
    Watch Video
  • Cilium: Welcome, Vision and Updates

    Thomas Graf, Isovalent, Liz Rice, Isovalent, Laurent Bernaille, Datadog
    Watch Video
  • Choosing Cloud Native Technologies for the Journey to Multi-Cloud

    Adelina Simion, Form3
    Watch Video
  • A Guided Tour of Cilium Service Mesh

    Liz Rice, Isovalent
    Watch Video
  • Kubernetes Networking 101

    Randy Abernethy, RX-M LLC
    Watch Video
  • Better Bandwidth Management with eBPF

    Daniel Borkmann & Christopher M. Luciano, Isovalent
    Watch Video
  • Composability is to Software as Compounding Interest is to Finance

    Bill Mulligan, Isovalent
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Stay informed with updates from eBPF, Cilium, and Isovalent

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