Cilium Workshop with Isovalent and Proxy - Rotterdam

Join the team from Isovalent and Proxy Rotterdam for an instructor led workshop with a collection of hands-on labs to choose from.


  • Thursday, April 4

    17:30 – 20:00 CET (food and networking after)

    Amrâth Airport Hotel RotterdamVliegveldweg 59, 3043 NT Rotterdam

Meet us in Rotterdam to network and learn together with your local Cilium community

Isovalent has teamed up with Proxy Rotterdam to organize a half-day workshop, where we will dive into presentations, demos, and hands-on labs around Cilium. Bolster your Cilium knowledge and select from different learning paths that cater to your experience level. Our dedicated instructors will guide you throughout and address any questions you might have.

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  • 17:30

    Registration and snack

  • 18:00

    Introduction by Proxy

  • 18:15

    Introduction to Cilium by Isovalent

    Cilium – eBPF Powered Networking, Security & Observability


    Cilium is the next generation, eBPF powered open-source Cloud Native Networking solution, providing security, observability, scalability, and superior performance. Cilium has joined the CNCF as an incubating project.

    In this session, you’ll discover how Cilium with eBPF provides superior performance while providing identity and application aware security and visibility for your Cloud-Native Workloads. Learn how you can leverage Cilium Cluster Mesh for providing connectivity for load-balancing, observability and security between nodes across multiple clusters, enabling simple, high-performance cross-cluster connectivity. And finally, learn how eBPF streamlines Service Mesh implementations while eliminating the sidecar problem.

  • 18:45

    Networking break

  • 19:00

    Interactive Cilium Labs: Dive into the journey of your choice

    Explore the world of Cilium and enhance your knowledge! Whether you’re new to Cilium or already familiar with its features, our collection of hands-on labs offers a variety of learning paths. Choose your own adventure – start with the “Getting Started with Cilium” lab if you’re new, or dive into Cilium Service Mesh, Gateway API, Zero Trust, Encryption, or Mutual Authentication if you’re looking to deepen your expertise. Our dedicated instructors will be available to guide you and address any questions you may have along the way.

  • 20:00

    Food, drinks and networking

Workshop instructors:

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