Cilium in Action: Real-world Use Cases and Challenges

A webinar series in 3 parts, Exploring Cilium: The Evolution, Technical Deep Dive, and Real-world Use Cases

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Cilium in Action: Real-world Use Cases and Challenges

Cilium is a phenomenal piece of technology. But how do customers actually use it?

Video with Raymond de Jong, Field CTO at Isovalent: learn how customers put Cilium to use. Whether it is the stage in their cloud-native journeys at which customers realized Cilium can be of great value, or the challenges they faced in their often productive and business-critical environments, Raymond guides you through various use cases of how they use Cilium to meet their needs.

You will learn: 

  • Gain insights into real-world use cases of Cilium from the perspective of customers who have implemented it in their cloud native environments.
  • Learn about the different stages of cloud native journeys in which customers have found Cilium to be valuable.
  • Understand the challenges that customers faced when implementing Cilium in their productive and business-critical environments, and how they overcame them.


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Migrating from Flannel

Migrating to Cilium from another CNI is a very common task. But how do we minimize the impact during the migration? How do we ensure pods on the legacy CNI can still communicate to Cilium-managed during pods during the migration? How do we execute the migration safely, while avoiding a overly complex approach or using a separate tool such as Multus? With the use of the new Cilium CRD CiliumNodeConfig, running clusters can be migrated on a node-by-node basis, without disrupting existing traffic or requiring a complete cluster outage or rebuild. In this lab, you will migrate your cluster from an existing CNI to Cilium. While we use Flannel in this simple lab, you can leverage the same approach for other CNIs.