• Dean Lewis
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    Senior Technical Marketing Engineer

What is Cilium Hubble?

Hubble is a fully distributed networking and security observability platform for cloud native workloads. It is built on top of Cilium and eBPF to enable deep visibility into the communication and behavior of services as well as the networking infrastructure in a completely transparent manner.


“00:00:08:23 – 00:00:19:15 Unknown Cool functions such as service maps. Once you’ve got a service map and we understand how your applications operate together, then we can do all other things so we can start to think about network monitoring.

00:00:19:15 – 00:00:40:33 Unknown So we start thinking about network alerting as well. And also with Cilium, we can do some really, really cool stuff as well. We can actually gain visibility at the application level. So think about that layer seven capability. Exposing its Prometheus metrics, how long does it take for a request to be serviced? Was that a GET to a certain part of your application?

00:00:40:40 – 00:01:42:43 Unknown Does that take longer than other parts of your application as well? And actually, when we speak to customers and find out what they love about Cilium as a whole, actually the answer is typically helpful. So they come to us and they will use Cilium for one of its functions, maybe service maps, maybe the BGP features, but then they start to look at the additional parts of that platform, start to consume, hope they’ll start seeing objects of builds capability that it has, and it’s a thumbs up from them.”