• Thomas Graf
    About the speakerThomas Graf

    CTO & Co-Founder Isovalent, Co-Creator Cilium, Chair eBPF Governing Board

What Does the Cisco Acquisition Mean for Isovalent Customers?

In this video, Thomas Graf discusses the benefits of the Cisco acquisition for the Isovalent community and teases some of what they can expect in the future...


We’re super excited.
I think the main reason is
because when Cisco approached us,
it was clear from day one
that the strategy is to not just double
down on open source, but to triple down
on open source,
and that the angle is to continue
for Cilium for Tetragon
and for all of our open source projects,
to continue growing and increasing
in awareness and all of that,
and then build amazing enterprise products
for our customers out of that.
And we immediately found a lot of overlap
and common vision,
which got both myself and my co-founder
Dan super excited.
The good news
is that the product will continue.
So Isovalent Enterprise
will not only continue to be available,
but will integrate
with other Cisco products, with Cisco
networking and so on, which means
that we continue on the open source side,
we expand on the open source side,
we continue selling Isovalent enterprise,
and then there’s a lot of additional
products that we can talk about
when the acquisition closes
that will be very exciting as well.