• Thomas Graf
    About the speakerThomas Graf

    CTO & Co-Founder Isovalent, Co-Creator Cilium, Chair eBPF Governing Board

What Are the Major Outcomes for Users of Cilium and Tetragon?

In this video, Isovalent's CTO and Co-founder Thomas Graf touches on what he sees as the major outcomes that users of Cilium and Tetragon can expect.


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So in terms of major outcomes of our customers with Cilium and Tetragon, I would say security is a clear use case. Number one, securing the network, achieving encryption, achieving compliance, but also securing the runtime layer, securing containers, applications, file integrity monitoring. So there’s a lot of security value in terms of enforcement achieving a better security posture, but also just plain security observability, understanding what is going on on my network from a security perspective, what is, what are my applications doing, what files are there, accessing what, what, what ciphers are being used and so on.

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And then of course there is the whole market of enterprise networking or advanced networking. So bringing constant enterprise requirements, multicast and BGP, all sorts of like advanced networking, bringing that to Kubernetes where you have existing enterprise applications and you need to run them in Kubernetes, you need to continuously solve your existing networking requirements that you have. And then of course, we have timescape, which gives us like the persistent observability solution where we can record observability data over time and actually go into forensics, use cases and auditing and actually not only understand what is happening now, but also understand what happened over time and prove the proof, the security posture that we have built up.