• Toufic Arabi
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    Toufic Arabi is Isovalent's VP of Customer Success.

The Top 3 Outcomes for Isovalent Customers

Join Toufic Arabi, Isovalent's VP of Customer Success, as he outlines the 3 more top outcomes that Isovalen't customers can expect when using our products and services.


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Hi, I’m Toufic Arabi. I am the Vice President of Customer of Isovalent.

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we have the strong belief that as surveillance that not every customer is the same and every customer has different priorities and various outcomes and would like to achieve.

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The thing that we look to do the most is how quickly can we make sure that they’re getting the right and value that they need out of the investment that they’ve made? Here goes for serving customers. That can be enablement at scale for other customers. That could be a faster time to production for other customers, it could be, you know, going even deeper into psyllium, our closer partnership maybe with engineering.

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And that’s a word you know as well, closer partnership, you know, with product team to be able to influence roadmap, you know, to but to culminate all that stripe as to make sure that their primary use cases and the painful is and they were trying to solve which led them to make the investment and you know, purchase our software and our support that comes along with them are being met on the timeline that they need.

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Right. So we take a very customer-centric approach first and meeting them where they are. Right. Whether that is reviewing how their operations unit was working on a day-to-day basis and retrofitting the way that they do things, you know, into realizing their their their most important and our use cases and values, you know, to

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getting to production is always like our most important things.

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You know, for a customer. We feel that’s like one of the primary aspects that, you know, that unifies most of the customers. Come on, Anticipated interactions. How quickly can I get to production with your software reliably Make such