• Jeff Clawson
    About the speakerJeff Clawson

    Jeff Clawson is the VP of Global Cloud Alliances at Isovalent

Is Isovalent a SaaS or Pay-As-You-Go Model?

In this video, Isovalent's Head of Global Cloud Alliances, Jeff Clawson, break down Isovalent's payment model and the types of businesses that it's implemented to help with the most.


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We deploy technology for SAS technologies, right?

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So companies that are deploying SAS technology will use our our technologies as an underpinning technology, but we don’t sell it as a SAS application per se. It’s not something you can buy as simply deploy in your environment because due to the complexities that come with Cloud Native and Kubernetes.

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So let’s talk a little bit about how companies can leverage and purchase AI surveillance. So in today’s in today’s world, customers have become accustomed to be able to buy and pay as you go in an on demand fashion.

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That’s what the clouds have created. More of a of an optics type of payment system. Rather than buying everything up front, Companies tend to burst at different times of year depending on the industries they’re in. Right. So they want some flexibility in the way that they they purchase the purchase of technology. So the way that we’ve set it up with marketplaces is you can pay on a on a monthly basis for.

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But we’ve also created instances where we can be very flexible with the way that the customers acquire our subscriptions. So depending on what customers want to do or the complexity of their environment, we’d encourage them to come to us, talk to us, figure out what’s going to work best for them, and we can structure some type of contract, a deal with them that will allow them to address those different methodologies for deploying their technology.