• Toufic Arabi
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    Toufic Arabi is Isovalent's VP of Customer Success.

How Does Isovalent Onboard Customers?

Isovalent's VP of Customer Success, Toufic Arabi, outlines what prospective customers should expect when onboarding with Isovalent.


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Hi. I’m to fiscal robin. I am the vice president of customer success of ASML.

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all our customers and the moment that they sign with I ISO I do receive some form of digital touch with regards to walking them and welcoming them into the world. But really a clear idea about like what they expect next, right? They will be given access to our support for all our enterprise documentation.

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Right? And most importantly, there will be an active reach out from first our support team to capture any known configurations of their house so we can carry those in and then eventually by our team to be able to kick start what we call the essay kind of engagement rate. And then the success plan for this particular customer, meaning that we look at onboarding as one of the most critical phases that we can do together, because throughout that is where we’re also defining or leveraging a lot of our best practices, right?

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And all of our existing blueprints to define what the path to production is going to be for certain customers. That could be, you know, a simple ratio deployment or it could be something more complicated like migrating, you know, a large set of clusters from one CNI to sell, you know.