• Nico Vibert
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Cilium Shared LB – Mini Demo

[01:13] In Cilium 1.13, Ingress Resource can now share Kubernetes LoadBalancer Resources. Watch the mini demo to learn more!


We start this mini demo by looking at on the left at version 1.12 of Cilium where you can see we get 50 load balancer resources with 50 IP addresses allocated. Why 50? Because we have 50 Ingress Resources. In 1.12, every time you deployed an Ingress resource, you would get a dedicated load balancer. However, in 1.13, we are introducing the shared load balancer mode, which is now the default.

If we look at the quick configuration, you can see that the Ingress default load balancer mode is shared. So, with 50 Ingress resources this time you can see they’re all sharing the same IP address and there is only one load balancer resource, which is clearly much more economical than what we had in version 1.12 where we had our 50.