About the speakerNico Vibert

Nico Vibert is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Isovalent – the company behind the open-source cloud native solution Cilium. Nico has worked in many different roles – operations and support, design and architecture, technical pre-sales – at companies such as HashiCorp, VMware and Cisco. Nico’s focus is primarily on network, cloud and automation and he loves creating content and writing books. Nico regularly speaks at events, whether on a large scale such as VMworld, Cisco Live or at smaller forums such as VMware and AWS User Groups or virtual events such as HashiCorp HashiTalks. Outside of Isovalent, Nico’s passionate about intentional diversity & inclusion initiatives and is Chief DEI Officer at the Open Technology organization OpenUK.

Cilium LB IPAM – Mini Demo

[01:41] In this mini-demo, you will get an insight into Load-Balancer IP Address Management support on Cilium! This feature was added with Cilium 1.13.


In this mini demo, we’re going to be looking at the Cilium LB IPAM feature. To start with, we’re looking at the IP pool with an IPv4 address range and an IPv6 address range. If you look at the service of the type LoadBalancer, you can see that there is no External IP assigned to this service yet. As soon as we apply the pool that we looked at initially, an IP address from the IPv4 range will be assigned to the Service.

And we can have a quick look at the IP Pool itself and we can find a bit more information about the IP pool using this command and filtering on some of the JSON values.

You can see that initially, there was no IP pool that matches the service. The second load shows that the request was satisfied. We can also be more specific and assign IP addresses from specific ranges depending on the name of the service. For example, in here, or even the namespace or labels. So, this specific service will pick up an IP address from this blue pool in the range. And that’s it. Thanks for watching.