• Raphaël Pinson
    About the speakerRaphaël Pinson

    Senior Technical Marketing Engineer

An Introduction to Cilium Cluster Mesh

Raphaël Pinson and Nico Vibert sat down to discuss a detailed introduction as to what Cilium Cluster Mesh is, and how it can be applied to your workload.

00:17 – What is Cilium Cluster Mesh?
00:32 – Is that the same thing as Kubernetes Federation?
01:00 – How does Cluster Mesh work?
01:39 – How do Network Policies across meshed clusters work?
02:27 – Can you encrypt the traffic between meshed clusters?
03:10 – Can you see the traffic between different clusters?
03:43 – What are the actual use cases for Cluster Mesh?
04:41 – How do you actually configure Cluster Mesh?
05:40 – What is Cluster Mesh affinity?
06:41 – How many clusters can you connect together?