Cilium Service Mesh

Sidecar-free Service Mesh powered by eBPF & Envoy
Cilium Service Mesh

Evolution of the cloud native service mesh

Traditional Service Mesh

  • Architectural complexity limits deployments and time-to-value
  • Requires tracing across cloud native operations
  • Sidecar proxies deployed to support each workload or pod
  • Proxy routing brings inefficient increased latency and resource burden

Sidecar-free & Proxyless

  • Sidecar-free and proxyless model optimizes resources and simplifies multi-tenant deployment complexity
  • Rich observability, context, and control on Layers 3-4 with service mesh API communication on Layer 7
  • Low latency significantly increases performance by 4x and reduces operational overhead
  • Ready to be implemented out of the box, with no application code changes required
Efficient networking and application context

Efficient networking and application context

Proxyless architecture, seamless adoption

Proxyless architecture, seamless adoption

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Better policies, less tool sprawl: Tietoevry uses Cilium and Hubble

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Service Mesh Cilium

Flexibility without compromise

Introduction to Cilium Service Mesh

"Cilium can be crucial for platform maintainers: since it already is so powerful, there are fewer different pieces of a puzzle you have to install into the cluster. You don’t need an extra Ingress or Service Mesh."

-Endre Karlson, SRE Tietoevry Industries

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