Static Egress Gateway

Make your traditional firewall cloud native aware
Static Egress Gateway

How to connect existing firewalls with Kubernetes clusters?

Traditional Network Security

  • Business applications often require to connect cloud native workloads to legacy environments.
  • Legacy environments often secured by firewalls with IP based filters.
  • But workloads have changing IPs!
  • What to do? Configure firewalls too permissive, or let them become bottleneck?

Cilium Network Security

  • Scale your workloads freely without impacting firewall requirements.
  • Deploy multiple pods for a HA static egress gateway for sensitive workloads
  • Use workload selection based on Kubernetes pod labels and namespaces.
  • Migrate applications to different platforms while remaining with on-premises infrastructure.
  • Natively integrate with your cloud provider VPC or your on-premise BGP.
Egress animation

Manage and secure access in your clusters

  • Bridge the gap between cloud and traditional teams and departments
  • Enable seamless cooperation between teams
  • Increase security posture by configuring traditional firewalls with least-privilege principles
  • Decouple your cloud native CI/CD pipeline from change requests required to change firewall infrastructure
  • Increase application deployment speed

Egress Gateway Demo

Integrating Kubernetes clusters in a legacy networking environment can be a challenge, especially when legacy firewalls are involved. Join us to learn how Isovalent Cilium Enterprise allows you to define highly-available groups of egress nodes and IP addresses, making it possible to fit Kubernetes egress traffic pretty much to any security policy that may be in place in your infrastructure.

A Cilium Tech Talk presented by Senior Solutions Architect Raphaël Pinson

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