Sidecar-free Tracing

Using eBPF to answer the Service Mesh challenge
Sidecar-free Tracing

Tracing without sidecars

Traditional Network Observability

  • Tracing is essential for cloud native app operations
  • Current approaches involve running sidecar proxies in each workload or pod.
  • This has massive impact on latency, cost of operation and architectural complexity.

Cilium Network Observability

  • Native eBPF-based HTTP, DNS, & TLS visibility, enabling L7 tracing
  • High performance, in-Kernel eBPF protocol parsers
  • No need to inject proxies and introduce corresponding added latency
  • Visibility exported in Hubble, OpenTelemetry or in SIEM compatible formats
  • Preserve low latency, keep the cost of observability low
Tracing without the added overhead

Tracing without the added overhead

  • 4x better latency than sidecar-based solutions.
  • More efficient resources utilization.
  • Less complex architecture, critically simplifying operations and maintenance.
  • Support for non-TCP protocols like UDP.

The Inside Track on Sidecarless Service Mesh

Get the latest on the sidecarless Cilium Service Mesh from Liz Rice and Thomas Graf !

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