Runtime Protection

Identify and prevent threats across the stack
Runtime Protection

Identify and prevent threats across the stack

Security needs deep control

  • Business applications often require to connect cloud native workloads to legacy environments.
  • Legacy environments often secured by firewalls with IP based filters.
  • But workloads have changing IPs!
  • What to do? Configure firewalls too permissive, or let them become operational bottleneck?

Access control on system call level

  • Deep observability, ranging from detecting low-level microbursts in TCP connections to providing HTTP visibility for golden signal dashboards.
  • Transparent and low overhead, no application code changes needed. Observability data is collected transparently from within the kernel and minimal overhead is imposed using eBPF.
  • Preventive security, enforcing runtime policies in-kernel and synchronously preventing attacks.
  • Pluggable policy architecture, including systems like Open Policy Agent (OPA), or third party components via the extendable Kubernetes interfaces.
tetragon overview

Smart Observability

  • Add visibility to application workloads including the entire stack without code changes.
  • Efficient monitoring of key performance values of the applications, without heavy performance impact.
  • Simplified architecture, no kernel changes required, extendable plugin interface.
  • Add visibility to application workloads.

Introducing Tetragon

Tetragon provides eBPF-based transparent security observability combined with real-time runtime enforcement. The deep visibility is achieved without requiring application changes and is provided at low overhead thanks to smart in-kernel filtering and aggregation logic built directly into the eBPF-based kernel-level collector. The embedded runtime enforcement layer is capable of performing access control on the system call and other enforcement levels.

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