On-Premises Integration

Cilium simplify the integration between your Kubernetes environments with your existing network infrastructure.

On-Premises Integration

Integrate your Kubernetes cluster with your existing network

Do I need yet another tool?

  • BGP is the common networking protocol for data center connectivity but is not natively integrated in Kubernetes.
  • Connecting your Kubernetes clusters to your legacy environment would require configuring and managing yet another tool.
  • With Pods constantly changing IPs, we need a mechanism to automatically advertise Pod IP ranges and Service IPs outside of the cluster.

BGP with Cilium

  • Inter-connect your legacy environment with your Cilium-managed environment using Cilium’s integrated BGP support.
  • Peer with IPv4 or IPv6 neighbors.
  • Pod CIDRs are automatically advertised to BGP neighbors.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your Top of Rack devices over BGP.

BGP Integration

As Kubernetes becomes more pervasive in on-premise environments, users increasingly have both traditional applications and Cloud Native applications in their environments.

In order to connect them together and allow outside access, a mechanism to integrate Kubernetes and the existing network infrastructure running BGP is needed.

Cilium offers native support for BGP, exposing Kubernetes to the outside and all the while simplifying users' deployments.

In addition, Cilium offers a eBPF-powered standalone load balancer that can replace commercial load-balancer while its Egress Gateway feature enables users to implement pre-determined firewall rules for their Kubernetes-hosted applications.

  • Connectivity to existing on-prem infrastructure to expose Kubernetes-based applications
  • CAPEX reduction: users can replace their expensive legacy load-balancers with a high-performance Cilium standalone load-balancer
IPv4 and IPv6 support

IPv4 and IPv6 support

With Cilium 1.12, BGP is now IPv6 capable! You can peer with IPv6 peers and advertise IPv6 Pod CIDRs. 

2apiVersion: ""
3kind: CiliumBGPPeeringPolicy
5 name: rack0
7 nodeSelector:
8   matchLabels:
9     rack: rack0
10 virtualRouters:
11 - localASN: 65010
12   exportPodCIDR: true
13   neighbors:
14   - peerAddress: ""
15     peerASN: 65010

Intuitive and simple integration

By applying a simple CiliumBGPPeeringPolicy manifest, you can establish a BGP peering session to your Top of Rack (ToR) switches and connect to your existing on-premises infrastructure.

BGP Demo

In this video, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer Nico Vibert walks through BGP enhancements in Cilium 1.12, with the integration with GoBGP. This new version also introduces support for BGP over IPv6.

IKEA Solution Highlight

“We're using BGP within our data center. It gives us is a lot of flexibility, scalability and redundancy.

[With Cilium], it's quite simple to connect your Kubernetes network to your BGP environment.

-- Karsten Nielsen, Senior Systems Engineer,

IKEA Retail (Ingka Group)

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