Multi Cluster Service Discovery

Multi-Cluster made easy
Multi Cluster Service Discovery

Multi-Cluster made easy

Clusters Oblivion

  • Connecting Kubernetes clusters is a common technical requirement to address various use cases such as:
    • Shared Services Cluster
    • Load Balancing across multiple clusters for redundancy
    • Disaster Recovery requirement
  • But clusters were not designed to be connected! One cluster has no awareness of another’s Pods, Services and Network Policies!
  • Cluster sprawl quickly turn into a cluster nightmare and too many VPNs to manage.

Cluster Mesh

  • Provides an automatic service discovery and load balancing across meshed clusters
  • Cluster Mesh is Identity-Aware - enabling users to applies policies that span multiple clusters
  • Combined with Cilium Transparent Encryption, traffic can be encrypted within and across clusters
  • Reduced the need for multiple VPNs
  • Works on any platform, any cloud.
Cluster Mesh Blog

Cilium Cluster Mesh

  • Service Discovery across Clusters provides users the ability to load balance across clusters, addressing High Availability requirements.
  • Automatic discovery drastically simplifies cross-cluster operations
  • Network Policies can be applied to Services located in a different cluster, giving operators consistent network and security across clusters across clouds.

Lightning Talk: Connecting Klusters on the Edge with Deep Dive into Cilium Cluster Mesh

Edge computing can require connecting hundreds of clusters across disparate locations and infrastructures. Without a networking solution to manage this scale and complexity, you will just have a bunch of computers talking to themselves rather than each other and your customers. 

In this session, you’ll learn how you can leverage Cilium Cluster Mesh for providing connectivity for load-balancing, observability, and security between nodes across multiple clusters, enabling simple, high-performance cross-cluster connectivity at the edge. We’ll explore how Cluster Mesh allows endpoints in connected clusters to communicate while providing full security policy enforcement. 

Presented by Field CTO (EMEA) Raymond de Jong

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