Hubble Timescape

An observability and analytics platform to store & query observability data that Cilium and Hubble collect.
Hubble Timescape

Data and their historical context

What did it look like last week?

  • During troubleshooting or forensics, app developers and secops have need to compare behavior of systems at different times.
  • But data are often only present for the moment, and not stored over time.
  • If Long-time data aggregation is present, it is often inefficient due to missing cloud native and Kubernetes context.
  • Also, a data lake can be overwhelming without pre-defined, helpful queries.

Observability platform Timescape

  • Enhanced Kubernetes observability with historic network flows, syscalls, audit events, and much more.
  • Time-ranged based filters.
  • Historical flows, historical view integrated into the UI.
  • Stores billions of events, with 250k events/s even on single-node DB.
  • Pre-defined queries for typical analyst tasks
  • Queries support L7 filters, CIDR ranges, etc.
  • RBAC support.
A time machine for observability data with powerful analytics capabilities

A time machine for observability data with powerful analytics capabilities

  • User-friendly and tenant-capable access to long-term analytics.
  • Simplified troubleshooting and forensics.
  • Analytical value right from the start due to pre-defined queries.

Full visibility into the network flow lifecycle for your application and associated services

  • Accessible in both the Hubble UI and CLI for your application owners.
  • Supports Role Based Access Control.
  • Enables Process events from Tetragon to be visualised in the Hubble UI.

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