Application Monitoring

Redefining application monitoring by giving IT teams access to quickly monitor and fix issues within their app pipelines.
Application Monitoring

Give app teams the metrics they need

Application monitoring in Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes doesn’t provide a lot of application monitoring data. Troubleshooting can become tedious or even impossible.
  • Additionally, data are not separated by tenants.
  • As a result, app teams often don’t have the necessary data, or have to follow complex workflows to request them from ops teams, putting more load on them.

Cilium provides self-service metrics

  • Multi-tenant connectivity data + metrics enabled by RBAC-based monitoring.
  • Historical data views + analytics for each app.
  • No need to change the app, the deployment or impacting the cluster.
  • CLI and UI support.
  • Export of data to Grafana.
App troubleshooting with  eBPF-based observability

App troubleshooting with eBPF-based observability

  • Rich data insights for monitoring application performance.
  • Teams can access current and historical views of flow data, metrics, and visualizations for their specific services.
  • Enabling application teams to troubleshoot the moment they need to.
  • Taking load off the ops team, less communication friction.