Supercharging OpenShift with Cilium and eBPF

In this video with Thomas Graf, Isovalent, and Brandon Jozsa, Red Hat, learn how to supercharge Red Hat OpenShift with eBPF using Cilium for Networking, Security, and Observability.

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Supercharging OpenShift with Cilium and eBPF

The open hybrid cloud is here to stay

Workloads are deployed across clouds, premises and clusters. OpenShift is the best of breed platform for running those workloads, regardless of the where. During the growth journey of OpenShift, connectivity and network policy requirements across the clusters gain a significant amount of importance due to rising security, observability and compliance requirements.

As the only eBPF based, best of breed Networking-Observability-Security platform, Cilium integrates with OpenShift to create a unified datapath across on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud and even VM and Bare-Metal deployments and mitigates complexities rising from heterogeneous IT landscapes. Operating workloads across the hybrid cloud topology becomes significantly easier due to using labels and namespaces instead of IPs and ports.

As a result, OpenShift’s value is leveraged fully by every single Application, DevOps, and platform team with full control over their connectivity requirements while having eBPF based observability across all stages of their service lifecycle.


Thomas Graf
Thomas Graf Founder and CTO at Isovalent
Brandon Jozsa
Brandon JozsaAssociate Principal SA: Openshift

In this video you will learn:

  • Introduction to the CNCF project Cilium to bring eBPF superpowers to OpenShift
  • Using Cilium’s high performance cloud native networking capabilities on OpenShift with multi-cluster and multi-cloud connectivity support
  • Extending OpenShift with advanced L3-L7 and DNS/FQDN network policy capabilities with identity-based segmentation and transparent encryption
  • Cilium’s integrated service mesh and Kubernetes Ingress support
  • Gaining deep network and security observability capabilities with Prometheus and OpenTelemetry support