Fireside chat with Liz Rice on her upcoming O’Reilly book: Learning eBPF

Co-host of eBPF Summit 2022 and Technical Community Advocate at Isovalent, Tracy P Holmes, hosted a fireside chat with the author and Chief Open Source Officer Isovalent, Liz Rice.  During this fireside chat, they discussed the new O’Reilly book that Liz is authoring, Learning eBPF.

Fireside chat with Liz Rice on her upcoming O’Reilly book: Learning eBPF

In this fireside chat:

Following the O’Reilly report “What is eBPF”, written by Liz Rice, Isovalent now brings you an in-depth O’Reilly book that enables learning eBPF. This book not only helps with a primer on the importance of eBPF but also helps you run your first eBPF program using a “Hello World” application.

We discussed: 

  • The importance of eBPF in enabling a new generation of highly-performant networking, observability and security tools and instrumenting an app with these eBPF-based tools to eliminate app modification or reconfiguration.
  • Run your own Hello World application using the BCC (BPF Compiler Collection) framework and write basic eBPF programs.
  • Anatomy of an eBPF program including the stages that an eBPF program goes through on its journey from source code to execution.
  • Evolution of eBPF’s use in security from low-level checks on system calls, to sophisticated security policy checks, in-kernel event filtering, and runtime enforcement.


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