Isovalent, creators of eBPF and Cilium, at CloudNative SecurityCon, Seattle

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Isovalent, creators of eBPF and Cilium, at CloudNative SecurityCon, Seattle

Speaker Sessions

  • Tutorial: Sailing the Security Seas with Tetragon (11:00am - 12:25pm | Room 435)

    Duffie Cooley, Isovalent
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  • Malicious Compliance Automated: Building Secure Containers and Obfuscating What's Inside

    Duffie Cooley, Isovalent & Kyle Quest, AutonomousPlane
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  • One Project, Different Angles: How to Secure and Observe with Cilium (3:50pm - 4:25pm | Room 423)

    Christine Kim, Isovalent
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  • Kubernetes Node Firewalling from the Inside Out (2:45pm - 3:20pm | Room 443)

    Jef Spaleta, Isovalent & Justin Garrison, Sidero Labs
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Book Signing

Come by our booth on Wednesday, June 26 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM to get your own O’Reilly Report Security Observability with eBPF copy signed!


Security Observability with eBPF

This report discusses how eBPF provides historical and current metrics to help track improvements and degradations over time.


Natália Réka IvánkóNatália Réka Ivánkó
Jed SalazarJed Salazar
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