Hive Mind Mingle with Isovalent at KubeCon

Begin your week at KubeCon at the legendary Hive Mind mingle dinner in the company of great minds in the cloud native infrastructure space.

Hive Mind Mingle with Isovalent at KubeCon
  • Tuesday, October 25


    Highlands Detroit 72nd floor, 400 RENAISSANCE CENTER, DETROIT, MI 48243

You are invited:

Hive Mind is a casual walk-around dinner and mingle co-located to KubeCon and other events to meet and exchange ideas in the cloud native infrastructure space. Hive Mind is modeled off bee colonies that exhibit a swarm intelligence where interactions between individual bees leads to the emergence of “intelligent” global behavior, unknown to the individual agents. The capacity of the hive is unlimited.

Isovalent is passionate about bettering the building blocks of infrastructure in the cloud native space. This requires a community of inspirational and influential minds. As such, we are trying to bring together the most interesting people we can find in various cities over a great meal to discuss, network, and exchange ideas and celebrate a swarm intelligence spirit.

Our goal is to help build meaningful relationships and meaningful understanding of what it takes to build great infrastructure and use it purposefully.

This Hive Mind mingle will be hosted in the iconic Detroit Skyline Restaurant – Highlands Detroit (see directions here), a 3-minute ride from the conference center. 

During this evening, engage with the creators and maintainers of eBPF and Cilium in a casual conversation, exchange ideas, meet your peers from the industry – all while enjoying the views and walk around dinner.

Space is limited for this event, so please register in advance.

The Bee Colony at Hive Time Dinner:

Chandan Aggarwal – Azure Container Networking, Microsoft

Chris Aniszczyk – Chief Technology Officer, CNCF

Laurent Bernaille – Platform Team, Datadog

Daniel Borkmann – eBPF Maintainer, Kernel Developer, Isovalent

Duffie Cooley – Field CTO and CNCF Ambassador, Isovalent

Thomas Graf – Creator of Cilium, CTO & Co-founder, Isovalent

Raymond de Jong – Senior Solutions Architect, Isovalent

Anna Kapuścińska – Staff Software Engineer on Timescape, Isovalent

Matt Klein – Creator of Envoy, Lyft

James McShane – eBPF Day Panel Speaker, SuperOrbital

Bill Mulligan – Community Manager, Isovalent

Natalia Réka Ivánkó – Solutions Architect, Isovalent

Liz Rice – Chief Open Source Officer, Isovalent

Ricardo Rocha – CNCF Member Technical Oversight Committee, Computer Engineering at CERN

Tabitha Sable – K8s SIG Security co-chair, Datadog

Priyanka Sharma – Executive Director, CNCF

Nate Taber – Lead Product Manager EKS, AWS

Dan Wendlandt – CEO, Co-founder, Isovalent

Tom Wilkie – VP, Technology, Grafana

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