ControlPlane & Isovalent Fireside Chat: Cloud Native Security & Compliance

Join ControlPlane’s CEO Andrew Martin and Isovalent’s Chief Open Source Officer Liz Rice for a fireside chat where they demystify Cloud Native Security and Kubernetes Compliance. Optimizing performance and scalability, translating mandatory compliance controls into tangible technical controls, the relationship of threat modeling to compliance and more. 

To learn more about solving NIST and other compliance frameworks in cloud-native environments check our our joint whitepaper: Mastering Cilium for Kubernetes Compliance.


New to cloud native security? In this video you will discover:  

  • What are Cilium, Tetragon and eBPF
  • eBPF’s role expanding within networking and security in cloud-native environments and optimizing performance and scalability
  • Best practices for translating mandatory compliance controls into tangible technical controls
  • The relationship of threat modeling and compliance in cloud native environments 
  • How Tetragon brings together the runtime and network layer data
  • How Cilium, Hubble, and Tetragon work together to provide a platform in Kubernetes environments
  • How the partnership between ControlPlane and Isovalent reflects the evolving needs of the Cloud Native community


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Mastering Cilium for Kubernetes Compliance

Read the Cilium white paper from Isovalent and ControlPlane, solving NIST and other compliance frameworks in cloud-native environments.  The executive summary below maps out the scope and importance of this white paper for technical audiences and leadership teams. This guide is framed around the NIST 800 controls as a way to dive into specific feature-to-control relationships, and is written to be applicable and foundational across any compliance framework. Download now and get a deep, technical understanding of the future of cloud-native compliance, regardless of which compliance framework you are looking to solve!

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Top Kubernetes Security Use Cases: Tetragon and eBPF for Platform Teams

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How to enable host-based Kubernetes visibility

Correlate process-to-network data. Learn how Tetragon’s lightweight eBPF sensor captures K8s telemetry down to the binary, tying process to network data with no application changes. Decode DNS, TLS, HTTP, UDP, TCP , and more while matching to process ancestry information, all with Kubernetes identity-aware metadata (labels, pod names, etc). Read the solution brief and get under the hood with Tetragon.

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