Isovalent Security School: Session 1 - Network Policies

Join Isovalent for a private hands-on workshop session at Nordcloud

  • October 2

    13:00 PM CEST (1.5 hours)


Level up your security skills with demos and hands-on workshops

Network Security – Networking with Kubernetes can be challenging, learn how Cilium can help you with securing your Kubernetes traffic on and between the nodes. In this first session you will have a brief intro followed by a guided hands-on workshop to gain practical skills. In our Network Policies lab, we will create network policies and see how they influence traffic. 


  • 13:00

    Intro presentation: Benefits of Isovalent and security Use cases

  • 13:30

    Hands-on workshop: Networking Security – Network Policies lab

  • 14:30

    End of program