Meet the KubeCon Speakers from Isovalent

Begin your week at KubeCon with a networking dinner with the speakers and leadership team from Isovalent.

Highlands Detroit400 RENAISSANCE CENTER, DETROIT, MI 48243
Meet the KubeCon Speakers from Isovalent

You are invited:

We invite you to join us for an intimate “Meet the Speakers” dinner, hosted in the beautiful Detroit skyline restaurant – Highlands Detroit (see directions here). 

You will have a wide range of opportunities for the evening – from a casual conversation, to an exchange of ideas with the creators and maintainers of Cilium and eBPF, Cilium experts and your peers from the industry – all while enjoying the evening together.

Space is limited for this event and registration in advance is required.

The Isovalent Team at KubeCon:

Thomas Graf
Thomas GrafCilium co-creator, CTO, co-founder and KubeCon Speaker
Liz Rice
Liz RiceChief Open Source Officer, former CNCF TOC Chair and KubeCon Speaker
Dan Wendlandt
Dan WendlandtCEO, co-founder of Isovalent
Duffie Cooley
Duffie CooleyField CTO and CNCF Ambassador, KubeCon Speaker
Tracy Holmes
Tracy HolmesTechnical Community Advocate
Daniel Borkmann
Daniel BorkmannCo-creator and co-maintainer eBPF and Cilium, KubeCon Speaker
Natalia Réka Ivánkó
Natalia Réka IvánkóSolutions Architect and KubeCon Speaker
Bill Mulligan
Bill MulliganCommunity Manager and KubeCon Speaker
Christopher Luciano
Christopher LucianoSenior Solutions Architect 
Raymond de Jong
Raymond de JongSenior Solutions Architect and KubeCon Speaker
Nick Young
Nick YoungSenior Software Engineer and KubeCon Speaker
Anna Kapuścińska
Anna KapuścińskaSoftware Engineer and KubeCon Speaker

Additional information:

If you have any questions please contact