Cilium Hands-On Workshop & Deep Dive - The Netherlands

Learn operational knowledge from the experts

Join team Isovalent for a workshop full of presentations, demos and hands-on labs around Cilium. Meet us at in BCN Utrecht CN in the Netherlands to network and learn together with your local Cilium community. 

Cilium Hands-On Workshop & Deep Dive - The Netherlands
  • Thursday, December 1

    09:00 – 14:30

    BCN Utrecht CS.Catharijnesingel 48 3511 GC Utrecht

Instructor led workshop covering Cilium operations, troubleshooting and best practices

You are running workloads in basic Kubernetes. But how do you scale now? Can you verify your workloads are secured? How do you know what is really going on in the environment? Luckily, Cilium can help! The default data plane for Kubernetes is the right tool.

But all tools require some training.

Join us for a half a day workshop on Cilium, starting at the basics of how to install it, and then working all the way up to scaling considerations. The workshop consists of presentations, demos and hands-on labs.

Participants of the workshop will learn:

  • The basics of Cilium, how it is installed and how to use it.
  • What best practices should be followed once it is up.
  • How to scale, and what questions need to be answered for it.



  • 09:00

    Welcome and introduction

  • 09:10

    Presentation: Cilium Introduction and Installation

  • 09:40

    Lab: OSS Cilium: Let’s have a look at what we have now

  • 10:10

    Interactive Presentation / Demo: Network Policies – The Enterprise Way

  • 10:40

    Networking break

  • 11:00

    Cilium Operations and Monitoring with Grafana

  • 11:30

    Lab: Isovalent Cilium Enterprise: Network Policies

  • 12:30

    Networking Lunch

  • 13:15

    Presentation: Cilium Service Mesh

  • 13:35

    Lab: Cluster Mesh: How to scale across clusters

  • 14:30

    Closing and final conclusions