Cilium Tech Talk October

In this episode: The latest Cilium features including BGP, Timescape and a demo of NAT46/64 with Daniel Borkmann, co-creator of eBPF.

A tech talk with the creators of eBPF and Cilium. Learn about the latest updates from the Cilium project and Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium.

Cilium Tech Talk October

In this Tech talk we will cover:

  • BGP with Cilium

    BGP is not just the foundational protocol behind the Internet; it is now the standard within data centers. Modern data center network fabrics are typically based on a “leaf-and-spine” architecture where BGP is typically used to propagate endpoint reachability information. Given that such endpoints can be Kubernetes Pods, it was natural that Cilium should introduce support for BGP. In this session, you will learn about the new BGP features on Cilium, see a demo and learn how to try it yourself.

  • How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Kubernetes Networking

    Networking in Kubernetes is widely perceived as complicated, hard to understand, and even harder to debug. The truth is – Developers and Network Engineers alike find Kubernetes networking intimidating. Developers can’t easily visualize multiple layers of networking, and traditional network engineering tools don’t work with a constantly changing sea of Pods.

    In this short talk, we introduce Hubble Timescape, a forensics tool to visualize application communication in a Kubernetes environment and debug connection problems. You will walk away with the knowledge of how to troubleshoot Kubernetes networking with confidence.

  • Sneak Peek at NAT46/64 on Cilium

    As users migrate from an IPv4 or IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack setup over to an IPv6 single-stack deployment for better scalability and flexibility, the need for a translation layer arises for routing IPv4 service traffic at the edge of the data center into the IPv6-only cluster.  Similarly, traffic originating from the IPv6-only cluster might still require connecting to cluster-external 3rd-party services which are still backed by IPv4 nodes. As such, NAT46 and NAT64 functionality becomes more and more crucial for operators to allow cluster interaction with the rest of the “legacy” world. In this session, you will get a sneak peek at Cilium’s upcoming support of NAT46/64 and hear how Cilium will help your transition to IPv6.


Nico Vibert
Nico VibertSenior Technical Marketing Engineer
Anna Kapuścińska
Anna KapuścińskaStaff Software Engineer on Timescape
Daniel Borkmann
Daniel BorkmannSoftware Engineer, Co-creator and co-maintainer eBPF and Cilium