Connecting Kubernetes clusters to your network with Cilium BGP

As Kubernetes becomes more pervasive in on- premise environments, users increasingly have both traditional applications and Cloud Native applications in their environments.

In order to connect them together and allow outside access, a mechanism to integrate Kubernetes and the existing network infrastructure is needed.

Cilium offers native support for BGP , exposing Kubernetes applications to the existing data center, without the need to install yet another tool.


In today’s cloud- native landscape, enterprise networking is undergoing a transformation that demands both agility and robustness.

As organizations continue to build complex, distributed systems, connecting Kubernetes to existing networks can be challenging.
Enter Cilium’s advanced Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) implementation, powered by the GoBGP control plane, a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also adds unprecedented flexibility to your network configurations.
In addition to BGP, Cilium offers the Load Balancer IP Address Management (LB IPAM) feature, a game- changer for enterprises requiring dynamic IP allocation and multi- tenancy.
Cilium can advertise both the networks used by Kubernetes pods and the ingress IPs of Kubernetes LoadBalancer Services used to expose applications to the outside of the cluster.

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