Zero Trust Security

From zero observability and full trust to full observability and no trust
Zero Trust Security

Using Cilium as the glue from Top to Bottom to fix gaps in disparate tools

Traditional Zero Trust Security

  • Many disparate tools to do “zero trust” related tasks
  • Manifold leads to inefficient, complex architecture, resulting in technical debt
  • Often a gap: network security can be partially achieved, but OS security is neglected
  • Service mesh approach often thrown at teams which hardly had time to master Kubernetes first

Cilium powered Zero Trust Security

  • Provides insight into everything: process, network, encryption
  • The glue between container networking and process level observability
  • Offers historical data for rich context in time
  • Just works, can even be applied to live environments
  • Lightweight: No side-cars, etc.
  • eBPF based, built into the kernel
  • Independent of the application
Make security decisions based on data, not fear

Make security decisions based on data, not fear

  • Forensic analysis - go back in time to find your incident's root cause.
  • Lower complexity by using a lightweight, sidecar-less solution
  • Lower costs by replacing multiple inefficient tools with a single one with deeper insight
  • Extend security & observability beyond network flows: enforce and visualize security based on enriched data

What our customers say

Zero Trust
Using Cilium for your Zero Trust needs is eye opening: it enables you to see things which you didn't even knew you might need to know. Pods do their things - and with Cilium Zero Trust you get the visualisation what this is.