• Thomas Graf
    About the speakerThomas Graf

    CTO & Co-Founder Isovalent, Co-Creator Cilium, Chair eBPF Governing Board

Multihoming with Cilium 1.14

[00:50] In this video, the CTO and Cofounder of Isovalent Thomas Graf, briefly walks through how Cilium 1.14 integrates multihoming capabilities.


Multi-homing is an exciting new feature in Cilium. It allows one container, one Kubernetes pod, to be part of multiple networks. The typical Kubernetes networking model is very simple: one flat network where all pods are members of that network. Everybody can communicate with everybody, and then we use Network Policy to achieve micro-segmentation.

However, in an enterprise environment, this approach is often insufficient. There’s a need for multi-homing, where a pod can exist in two different segmented networks. For example, this might be necessary to fulfill compliance requirements. This segmentation doesn’t just happen in the software realm; it’s also crucial to physically segment the network.

With multi-homing, a pod can be a member of multiple networks.