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Ingress To Gateway Migration – Mini-Demo

[02:26] In this brief demo, we test a new tool called Ingress2Gateway that lets you convert Kubernetes Ingress resources to Gateway API resources.


Hi, in this quick demo, we’re going to review a new experimental tool called “Ingress to Gateway.” that lets you migrate from the Ingress API to the Gateway API.

The first step is to do is to clone the repo. The main requirement is going to be go to be able to run this tool. It uses your Kubernetes credentials to convert an existing Ingress API configuration.

Here, we’ve got one Ingress called basic Ingress. As you can see, it routes traffic to the details backend over port 9080 based on the /details path. For the home page, we’ll go to the product page.

Now, we can run the go run . command, which will download the required packages, compile, and then execute the “Ingress to Gateway” tool. It creates an output where you can see the Gateway configuration.

With Gateway, we’ve split the resources into multiple resources. So, you get one for the actual Gateway and one for the actual HTTP routes. You can see that we’re referring to the Cilium Gateway and that the HTTP routes are routing traffic again based on the path, for example /details to the required backend.

Please note that this tool is still experimental and is used at your own risk. It worked great for me in deploying this configuration with a Cilium Gateway API and it worked perfectly. It works well on a simple configurations, but I haven’t tested it yet with a more sophisticated one. However, it could be worth exploring if you’re looking at migrating from Ingress to the Gateway API.

All right, thanks for watching!