• Jeff Clawson
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    Jeff Clawson is the VP of Global Cloud Alliances at Isovalent

How Isovalent Works with Cloud-Deploying Customers

As the team behind Cilium, eBPF, and Tetragon, Isovalent has the expertise to assist enterprises that are expanding their cloud-native applications. With our tools, market knowledge, and bench of experts, we are well-equipped to help you take your offerings to the next level and make sense of growing network and application complexities.


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All right.

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So let’s talk a little bit about how I surveillance works with our customers that are deploying in the cloud and the degree to which we we get involved. So I think a lot of it depends on the stage in which the customer is in this journey, right? If they are far down the path and are dealing with some of those complexities that we talked about earlier, we are going to be much more closely aligned with them because there’s a higher level of expertise that they’re going to require.

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Now at those early stages, we are certainly going to provide technical documentation and that ecosystem will come to bear. We’ll provide as much information as we can, but we’re not going to be as as hands on because once again, until those those applications become much more complex, there’s not as much need for us. But we will be building sandboxes tools and I some some lobs and other things that customers are going to be able to use in the cloud to to gain an early foothold and to understand the technology.

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And then as they’re as our applications become much more complex and robust, then we will come and and build with them. But our intent is to be with the customer throughout the journey. We just need to be careful where we where we place ourselves, because like everybody, we have limited resources and we need to make sure that those resources are spent on on the highest value customers.