• Jeff Clawson
    About the speakerJeff Clawson

    Jeff Clawson is the VP of Global Cloud Alliances at Isovalent

How Isovalent Provides Value for Enterprises Moving to Cloud Native Applications

As your cloud-native Kubernetes environments expand, you must work with the right partners and technologies to optimize and create secure applications. Isovalent is working with the hyperscalers and cloud marketplaces to deliver this value to customers who looking to maximize their cloud-native solutions.


“00:00:53:04 – 00:01:20:23 There are a lot of laggards in the market right now, right? Most of the customers that we deal with are those leading-edge customers. Particularly in sectors such as financial services, telcos, and RADIUS, and I think we are going to continue down that path for a while, right, because the customer really gains advantage from my surveillance. Are those customers who have already started down this path and are well into this journey and have realized that there are a lot of complexities as they go to scale out.

00:01:21:01 – 00:01:43:14 So those customers that are simply trying to get into the cloud, that are starting to move their applications to more of a cloud-native type of environment, they’re probably not the first place we’re going to go. We want to find those customers who have started to realize the need to scale out going from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of nodes in those clouds.

00:01:43:15 – 00:01:45:15 That’s really where we’re going to shine.

00:01:45:15 – 00:02:12:17 If you look at some of the reports that have come out from Gartner and others, they’re talking about 80 to 90% of customer acquisition coming through cloud marketplaces in the next 3 to 5 years. So it’s critical that we establish ourselves there, that we have a great presence and that we make it easy for customers to be able to gain access because customers are leveraging this resource to be able to think, well, once again, I said this earlier, get to market faster to accelerate their development cycles.

00:02:12:19 – 00:02:30:17 Today it’s all about iteration and deploying quickly, rather than waiting until you have the best product available, and the cloud enables that. So we need to make sure that we’re there and we build that. And so you’re going to see us put much more emphasis on the cloud and the cloud marketplaces. We’re going to be much more present.

00:02:30:17 – 00:02:51:22 We’re going to be building an ecosystem around this world-class ecosystem that’s going to allow us to really gain access to a broader set of customers, but even more so, help more customers along this journey. That’s the goal here, is to really enable our customers to build, deploy, and manage next-generation, cloud-to-cloud-based applications.”