• Nico Vibert
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Cilium L7 Load-Balancing with K8S Services – Mini Demo

[01:01] In Cilium 1.13, you can now use Cilium’s embedded Envoy proxy to achieve load-balancing for L7 services, with a simple annotation.


In this short video, we are testing Layer 7 Load Balancing with Envoy. So we’ve deployed a gRPC-based application called Currency Service and we are verifying access to this application and it’s successful and but by default we don’t support layer 7 load balancing but Envoy does.
With this new feature if you annotate the service, what we automatically do is generate a Cilium Envoy configuration and the traffic will be forwarded to Envoy that will then provide some layer 7 load balancing. Now if I run the same command now you can see the traffic was forwarded to Envoy, who can then apply some load balancing and you can see with Hubble that the traffic was forwarded to the Envoy proxy.