• Nico Vibert
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    Senior Staff Technical Marketing Engineer

Cilium Traffic Splitting – Mini Demo

[01:30] Cilium 1.13 comes with a fully integrated with a HTTP traffic splitting engine!


In this quick demo, we’ve got two services deployed, accessible through the Gateway API. The services are echo-1 and echo-2. In the Gateway API configuration, what we’ve got is two weights of 50 for echo-1 and echo-2. When I perform a curl to the echo service, what we see that we get a response with the name of the server that we’ve reached. By iterating and saving the responses, we can filter and see how many requests go to echo-1 and how many go to echo-2. We see that it’s pretty much even – why? Because of the 50-50 weights between the two services. If we edit the weights to force 99% of the traffic to go towards echo-1 and only 1% to equal towards echo-2, we can run the same tests again. We can see that the traffic, as we expect, the traffic will mainly go to echo-1. That’s it. Thank you.