• Nico Vibert
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    Senior Staff Technical Marketing Engineer

Cilium SCTP – Mini Demo

[01:21] In this mini-demo, you will get an insight into SCTP support on Cilium! This feature was added with Cilium 1.13.


So, in this quick demo, we start by installing Cilium with the SCTP option enabled. And we can see that Cilium has been successfully deployed. Next, we’re going to deploy a sample SCTP application. We’re going to expose it on over NodePort and we get the IP address of the node and the port. And we verify that we can communicate over SCTP to this application.

Now, we’re going to verify with Hubble that we can observe the traffic. You can see that the SCTP flag, because its traffic is being forwarded. Next, we’re going to go into the Hubble UI and, again, verify that we can see traffic over SCTP. Finally, we are also deploying a couple of pods. And we’re going to be using network policies to filter traffic based on the label. So, only the traffic from a client with the sctpclient label can access the pod. And when we try with a client with the wrong label, you can see there’s traffic times out, and we can see traffic dropped in Hubble.