About the speakerRaphael Pinson

Raphaël is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer with Cloud Native networking and security specialists Isovalent, creators of the Cilium eBPF-based networking project. He works on Cilium, Hubble & Tetragon and the future of Cloud-Native networking & security using eBPF. An early adept of the DevOps principle, he has been a practitioner of Configuration Management and Agile principles in Operations for many years, with a special involvement in the Puppet and Terraform communities over the years.

An Overview of the Cilium Architecture

Nico Vibert and Raphaël Pinson of Isovalent sat down to discuss some of the finer technical details that make up Cilium's architecture, and how they can be implemented more broadly.

00:15 – The Role of the Cilium Agent
01:11 – Why do we need Envoy?
02:03 – How is Envoy deployed with Cilium?
02:37 – What are the use cases supported by Envoy?
03:39 – What is the component that gives you observability?
04:18 – What is the architecture of Hubble?
05:00 – What about the CLI?
06:40 – What is the role of the Cilium operator?