Top Kubernetes Security Use Cases: Tetragon and eBPF

Top Kubernetes Security Use Cases: Tetragon and eBPF

What’s Next?

Join the creators of eBPF, Cilium and Tetragon to learn about your cloud native journey with Isovalent Cilium Enterprise.

eBPF & Tetragon: Tools for detecting XZ Utils CVE 2024-3094 Exploit

In this blog we dissect the technicalities of the exploit throughout the different attack stages. Discover how using Tetragon, an eBPF-based runtime security product, we provide a working solution to detect the XZ backdoor in OpenSSH.

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Mastering Cilium for Kubernetes Compliance

Read the Cilium white paper from Isovalent and ControlPlane, solving NIST and other compliance frameworks in cloud-native environments.

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Getting Started with Tetragon

Try our hands-on lab to learn how you can use Tetragon to gain real-time visibility into Kubernetes and help secure your production environment.

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