Transparent Encryption

Effortless Confidentiality and Integrity
Transparent Encryption

How can I encrypt traffic on my clusters, without an operational headache?

Without Cilium

  • Encryption is required for many compliance frameworks.
  • However, there's no native pod-to-pod encryption with Kubernetes 
  • Typical solutions are 1) embedding encryption in the application or 2) use a service mesh
  • Embedding encryption within an app is too complicated and requires app and security domain expertise,
  • Most Service Mesh implementations come are very complex and hard to manage and operate

Cilium Network Security

  • Simple “one switch to flip” to enable. Non application changes required.
  • Automatic key rotation with support for overlapping keys.
  • Efficient datapath encryption using in-kernel IPsec or WireGuard®. No proxy required.
  • All node traffic encrypted, including non-standard traffic like UDP.
  • Works in conjunction with Cilium Cluster Mesh and VM connectivity.
  • Works across all public and private clouds.
Effectively secure the data plane

Effectively secure the data plane

  • Meet compliance requirements: standards such as PCI require encryption of data in transit. 
  • Secure traffic on shared hardware and networks like public or private clouds.
  • Enable secure operations during migration, encrypting traffic between cloud native and traditional workloads.
  • Safely use apps with non-standard traffic requirements.

Transparent Encryption Demo with WireGuard

In Episode 3 of the regular livestream covering all things related to eBPF and Cilium, Martynas Pumputis introduces WireGuard and explains how Wireguard on Cilium can be used to encrypt network traffic.

Built-in Encryption

Encryption played a very critical role [in our multi-cloud journey] and we use Cilium’s built-in IPsec encryption capabilities to do that.

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