Cilium Tetragon

Introducing Tetragon for eBPF-based Security Observability & Runtime Enforcement

Tetragon is the latest open source project from the Cilium community. It enables incredibly deep visibility with filtering and aggregation directly built into the eBPF collector to deliver visibility at depth with minimal overhead.

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Join Thomas and John for a Tetragon deep dive:

  • Automatic detection of namespace, capabilities, and privilege escalation with real-time enforcement
  • Using the amazing Tetragon CLI to inspect system, application, and network behavior
  • Hubble & Timescape integration for a graphical representation with historic context to run forensics and incident analysis use cases


John Fastabend

John Fastabend

Tetragon Project Lead,
Cilium Maintainer

Thomas Graf

Thomas Graf

CTO, Co-Founder

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