eBPF-based enforcement, visibility, and forensics

Isovalent Cilium Enterprise provides unified workload and connectivity security for cloud native environments.

Cloud native Security

Zero Trust Security

API- and DNS-aware advanced network policy enforcement, providing micro-segmentation at scale without compromising performance.

Transparent Encryption

Traffic encryption without changing your existing applications or deploying a service mesh.

Runtime Protection

Prevent unauthorized access to your traffic at runtime to stop attacks on OS level, preventing malicious actions.

SIEM Integration

Include your kubernetes clusters in your threat investigation by exporting event, flow, metric to any SIEM or observability tool.

GitOps and CI/CD Integration

Ensure control while granting application teams self-service management of network policies.

FIPS and SOC Compliance

Real-time monitoring and analysis of workload communication for continued FIPS/SOC compliance.

Advanced Network Policy

Enabling network policies based on cloud native identities and DNS-aware data, segmenting tenants or workloads to prevent unauthorized or unwanted access to services.

Static Egress Gateway

Present a group of cloud native workloads from a stable IP address to integrate with traditional firewalls.


Enable self-service access to app teams to quicken app level issue investigation while providing network flow visibility and enabling network threat detection.

What our customers say

We do hundreds of deployments per day and have clusters with thousands of pods. Cilium has allowed us to provide less friction to more and more teams while using modern technology to meet our security and regulatory requirements.

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