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What is eBPF?

What is eBPF?

New O’Reilly Report by Liz Rice now available

eBPF is a framework that allows users to load and run custom programs within the kernel of the operating system. That means it can extend or even modify the way the kernel behaves. In this report, you will learn about the ability to dynamically change the behavior of the kernel can be tremendously useful.

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Security Observability with eBPF

Security Observability with eBPF

The new eBPF Security Observability paradigm enables Security and DevOps teams, SREs, Cloud Engineers, and Solution Architects to gain real-time visibility into Kubernetes security. This O’Reilly report, authored by Natália Réka Ivánkó and Jed Salazar discusses how eBPF provides historical and current metrics to help track improvements and degradations over time.

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Case Studies and Solution Highlights

Building a scalable Kubernetes platform

Isovalent helped PostFinance to build a scalable Kubernetes platform to run mission-critical banking software in production. By migrating to Cilium as the default CNI for kubernetes, they were able to solve their challenges regarding scale, observability and latency. The network was made visible, improving troubleshooting, enabling forensic analysis and transparently encrypt network traffic.

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Building a secure and maintainable PaaS

Capital One needed to scale their PaaS to multiple teams - but required secure network isolation, visibility and minimal performance overhead. Isovalent Cilium Enterprise met all requirements and scaled past the iptables limits. Hubble’s additional observability capabilities helped their teams to do more from the start.

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White Papers

How eBPF will solve Service Mesh

How eBPF will solve Service Mesh

Service mesh is a concept describing the requirements of modern cloud native applications with regards to communication, visibility, and security. Current implementations of this concept involve running sidecar proxies in each workload or pod. This is a pretty inefficient way of solving these requirements. In this white paper we will look at an alternative to the sidecar model that provides a transparent service mesh with high efficiency at low complexity, with the help of eBPF.

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Accelerating the Journey to Cloud Native Microservices

Accelerating the Journey to Cloud Native Microservices

Enterprises adopting cloud native technologies quickly realize that legacy approaches are useless in efficiently rolling our business applications. Cilium enables Kubernetes architects to solve challenges as addressing security & compliance requirements, providing advanced connectivity and ensuring identity-aware observability for platform and application teams.

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User Stories

Building a Secure and Maintainable PaaS

Speaker: Bradley Whitfield

eBPF at Adobe

Speaker: Brandon Cook

Our eBPF Journey at Datadog

Speaker: Tabitha Sable, Laurent Bernaille

Global Gaming Infrastructure with Cilium

Speaker: Luan Guimaraes

Technical Deep Dive

The Future of eBPF-based Networking and Security

Speaker: Thomas Graf

How Cilium uses BPF to Supercharge Kubernetes Networking & Security

Speaker: Mark Darnell, Roger Klorese, Dan Wendlandt

Kubernetes Network Policy Logging with eBPF

Speaker: Zang Li

Liberating Kubernetes From Kube-proxy and iptables

Speaker: Martynas Pumputis

Hubble - eBPF-based Observability for Kubernetes

Speaker: Sebastian Wicki

How to Make Linux Microservice-Aware with Cilium and eBPF

Speaker: Thomas Graf