Isovalent Named As A Leader In GigaOm Radar Report For Cloud Networking

Isovalent- the leading company behind the rapidly growing open source technologies Cilium and eBPF, announced it has been recognized as a leader in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for Cloud Networking.

In the report, Isovalent falls in the innovation/feature play quadrant as an outperformer and leader, having expanded its initial container networking scope to multi- and hybrid- cloud use cases.

Isovalent Named As A Leader In GigaOm Radar Report For Cloud Networking


“Isovalent’s Cilium Enterprise has an extensive feature set, ranking high on a variety of key criteria, including secure traffic and segmentation, observability, troubleshooting and diagnostics, declarative and intent-based networking (IBN), and service-to-service connectivity.”

View this research report to learn:

  • Why Isovalent’s Cilium is a top choice for organizations looking to secure their cloud-native applications.
  • How Cilium’s eBPF-based approach to networking and security has resonated with organizations looking for a more modern, scalable approach to securing their cloud-native applications.
  • The key trends, top vendors, strengths and weaknesses of each vendor's solution in the cloud native networking space. 

Who is this report for?

This report is for anyone interested in cloud networking and the technologies and solutions available to make it easier, faster, and more secure. Whether you are a CIO, CTO, network architect, platform or application developer, this report provides valuable insights into the cloud networking landscape and the companies that are leading the way

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Key Criteria Comparison — Isovalent Scores

The table presented highlights Isovalent's outstanding performance across the majority of evaluated categories.
Key Criteria Comparison — Isovalent Scores

What our clients say

“We needed a very quick networking solution that would form the backbone of our entire multi-cloud architecture. We choose Cilium as it supports Network Policies at Layer 3/4/7, Cloud agnostic & easy to deploy anywhere.”