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A fully distributed networking and security observability platform

Transparent visibility into Kubernetes network and applications, without sidecars.

Traditional Kubernetes Networking

  • Lacks out of the box metrics for the infrastructure or workloads
  • Sidecar proxies deployed to provide Layer 7 visibility and capabilities
  • Requirement to deploy multiple separate networking solutions causing tool sprawl
  • Kubernetes Service Discovery does not provide actionable connectivity and security mapping

Leveraging eBPF for Observability

  • Mapping and visualizing Service Dependencies between workloads
  • Networking Monitoring and Alerting with metrics direct from the CNI layer
  • Application monitoring at Layer 7 detail without additional sidecars
  • Generate actionable insights from security profiling captured through service connectivity
Hubble Architecture

Cilium with Hubble

  • Visibility at the node level, cluster level or even across clusters in a Multi-Cluster Cilium Cluster Mesh configuration
  • Network Data flows at Layer 3, 4 and 7
  • Automatic discovery and mapping of the services dependency
  • Hubble UI and CLI user experience
Cilium Hubble Enterprise

Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium with Hubble

All of the above plus:

Reducing tool sprawl with integrations

Reducing tool sprawl with integrations

  • Integrations with Grafana and Prometheus for metric alerting and visualisation
  • Simplified tracking of issues in application services, causing reduced service and application availability.
  • Ensuring network and security visibility across the application stack.
  • Supporting application troubleshooting in providing the right metrics in all the noise.

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"The self-service observability capabilities are great: You can give developers direct access to their Hubble portal. There is no need for them to call the SREs to troubleshoot"

David Haugli, SRE Tietoevry Industries - Reducing Kubernetes Tool Sprawl Case Study

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